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Family Vacation at the Grand Wailea – A Waldorf Astoria Resort

One week in October last year we stayed at the Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort as part of an “Instagram Takeover.” I had the pleasure of documenting our stay by posting photos on Grand Wailea’s Instagram account.

The Grand Wailea is no ordinary resort. The phenomenal Maui resort is known for the largest spa in the state of Hawaii, the lush 40 acres fronting the beautiful Wailea Beach, the extensive art collection prominently featured throughout the property and more. These are all fantastic examples of what makes the Grand Wailea so extraordinary, but these aren’t the reason I find this property magical. The main reason my heart beats faster when I think of the Grand is because it is where I met and fell in love with my husband.

I will share the story of how Jon and I met, but I will save it for another day. This post is about our incredible weeklong stay with our two boys. Although Maui is a major destination for couples, families are treated like royalty at the Grand Wailea. The Wailea Canyon Activity Pool is a 2,000-foot-long liquid oasis with nine pools on six separate levels connected by watersides, rapids and the world’s first water elevator. The ROCK is a 20,000 square foot newly renovated mini-resort for children up to teens. There are no excuses to sneak away for some quality time when the boys are well taken care of by the awesome staff at the ROCK.

Our experience at the Grand Wailea was unforgettable. Our suite in the exclusive Napua Tower served as a luxurious “home away from home,” except that it was way fancier then any home I’ve lived resided. For example, the master bathroom is roughly the size of my bedroom at home. There is a complimentary breakfast served in a lounge that only Napua Tower guests are privy to and if you serve me anything I am forever grateful. There is just something about being a full-time private chef to two boys and husband that makes me appreciate any meal that I didn’t have to plan, shop and prepare in order to enjoy. Cocktails and pupus (appetizers) are served every day in the Napua Tower lounge and these are also included as a guest of the exclusive tower. We most definitely took advantage of this amenity.

Speaking of amenities, the boys were surprised with a cookie decorating amenity where butter cookies cut into a palm tree, turtle and fish were presented on a cute surfboard cutting board. Tubes of frosting and chocolate cups (yes, cups made out of chocolate!) filled with toppings gave the boys a fun activity to do after a long day at the pools. The pools. The pools. They deserve their own post, so stay tuned and I will share fun photos I captured while we frolicked in the fantastic pools at the Grand Wailea.


June Harper Copyright 2014 – Grand Wailea Cookie Decorating Amenity


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