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Top 5 Reasons the Grand Wailea Pools are Amazing for Families!

Top 5 Reasons the Grand Wailea Pools are Amazing for Families according to Pixiebug Adventures!

The Grand Wailea – a Waldorf Astoria Resort – is located on the south side of Maui, Hawaii. It is also the place where Jon and I met and fell in love while working for the resort in 2002, back when Jon didn’t have his beard and I handed out wristbands and towels at the Activity Pool Desk. It’s a special place for so many reasons. Here are the top 5 reasons the pools at this lush forty acre property are amazing for families.

Water Elevator

The world’s first water elevator is part of the Wailea Canyon Activity Pool at the Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort on Maui. You’ll find an inconspicuous metal door between the Lava and Puka water slide exits. Once the elevator is at the bottom of the shaft, a pool attendant opens the sealed door so you can swim or walk to your seat on a large round ring. A gate valve is opened by a second pool attendant releasing thousands of gallons of water to form a giant waterfall. The ring is spun slowly around as it rises thus allowing everyone a chance to get soaked by the waterfall (a wonderful family-bonding feature). Once at the top of the elevator, a gate is opened so that you can exit into another small pool. You’ll have three choices. You can ride down a long slide called Puka or a short one or you can just take the steps out and walk out the pool. The Water Elevator is open from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm.


Tarzan Pool and Rope Swing

The rope swing at the Tarzan Pool brings out the wild side of all ages. It’s difficult to tell, but the rock you jump from is actually padded. A pool attendant assists guests in retrieving the rope swing, ensuring the previous jumper has safely moved out of the way. The rope swing has entertained families for entire afternoons as parents relax on chaise lounges with a view of the acrobatic activity.Grand-Wailea-Instagram-Takeover-8494

Baby Beach

Imagine a beach-pool hybrid where sand replaces tile and babies can build sand castles with no worry of waves crashing over their masterpiece. You’ll find the youngest guests enjoying this section of the 25,700-total-square-foot pool shaded by manicured palm trees.Grand-Wailea-Takeover-(133-of-578)Slides

The slides make the Wailea Canyon Activity Pool at the Grand Wailea a huge draw for families. Children under 48 inches tall can enjoy five slides including the whitewater rapids slide near the Tarzan Pool. Guests 48 inches tall or more can also enjoy two longer and faster slides. The Ana Puka slide is located at the top of the water elevator. The Lava slide, the longest and fastest slide, exits near the entrance to the water elevator.

The slides connect the nine pools on six different levels with 770,000 gallons spanning 25,700 square feet. Slides are open daily from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Grand-Wailea-Instagram-Takeover-8553-Edit

The Grand Wailea Mermaid

Throughout the year, the Grand Wailea Mermaid makes an appearance at the Wailea Canyon Activity Pool. A lovely mermaid shows up to swim and play with the young guests. This is a perfect opportunity to take the ideal Instagram photo to make your friends at home wish they were on Maui, too! She may be seen enjoying the waterfalls or playing at Baby Beach. Guests can also purchase mermaid monofins and tails at the Beach & Pool Store located next to the Activity Pool Desk. Contact the resort to inquire on the mermaid’s scheduled appearances and for information about requesting a special appearance.


Grand Wailea Mermaid by June Harper

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