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The Succulent Project

The Succulent Project (1 of 4)

An old book finds new life as the planter of a beautiful selection of succulents. Copyright 2016 June Harper

If someone gave me a plant as a gift I would smile and say “thank you” but in my head, I would say, “Welcome to your doom sweet plant.” Things have changed since succulents came into my life. I just love the word. Succulents. Succulents.

The Succulent Project (3 of 4)

The cut pages of an old book serve as a home for an arrangement of succulents. Copyright 2016 June Harper

These plants make me so happy. They make me feel accomplished because they are so difficult to kill. Some succulents have not survived in my care, but I’m getting better and better with learning the best way to care for these hardy plants.

The Succulent Project (4 of 4)

Jack sitting next to the succulent book planter I made for a fundraiser. Dog not included. Copyright 2016 June Harper


The Succulent Project (2 of 4)

A repurposed book is a beautiful way to display an arrangement of succulents.

Mostly, I am in love the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you are in need of proof of hope, check out a tiny baby succulent growing from a leaf that has fallen from a plant. This repurposed book and selection of succulents is for sale on Maui with all funds going to the Trucker Dukes Cancer Fund. The plants were donated by Third Day Nursery in Kula and the book is painted with a sealant allowing it to be perfect for showcasing these beauties.

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