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Photo by Karma Hill Photography

Aloha and welcome to Pixiebug Adventures! Join me on adventures, big and small, where I will share my photo journal with you! My name is June Harper and I am a mom of two boys, a wife of a man from Ireland, a sister, friend, auntie and more. Jack is my Yorkie and the best little model in town. I plan to share new experiences and will post photos of family travel. I grew up traveling as a child and am passionate about exploring this beautiful world with my little family.

Fortunately, we live on Maui (the best island in the whole wide world) in Hawaii so we don’t have to travel far for adventure. We do plan on racking up some frequent flier miles soon and can’t wait to share the stories with you! For now, I am going to be sharing past travel experiences in Ireland, San Francisco, Napa and Hawaii.

Mahalo and thank you for checking out Pixiebug Adventures!

June Harper